FM Conway continue winning partnership with Kiern Jewiss


FM Conway continue winning partnership with Kiern Jewiss

MB Partners are delighted to announce the extension of FM Conway’s hugely successful partnership with British Formula 4 certified by FIA champion Kiern Jewiss. The talented youngster from Kent teamed up with Britain’s leading infrastructure services company at the start of the 2016 season as he took his first step onto the junior motorsport ladder.

The two years that have followed have been decorated with immense success including a Ginetta Junior Championship rookie title, a dominant British Formula 4 championship-winning season and with Kiern becoming the youngest ever McLaren Autosport BRDC Award nominee, a member of the BRDC Rising Star scheme and Motorsport UK Academy Team UK. The winning partnership has now been extended into its third year as the partnership sets its sight on a new challenge for 2019.

This past year has seen the partnership become one of the most well-known associations across the junior motorsport ranks as the #26 FM Conway Double R Racing car stormed to regular victories across the British Formula 4 calendar. Famously dubbed the ‘Green Arrow’ by many across the TOCA racing package, FM Conway and Jewiss became one of the most talked about liveries across the paddock.

FM Conway enjoy a proud reputation for their continued excellence and delivery at the top level, a reputation that the talented Jewiss is beginning to forge also. Based just thirty minutes away from FM Conway’s head office, the British talent is delighted to benefit from the ongoing support of a distinguished local company.

“The last two years have been an absolute whirlwind. All the success has been the result of a lot of hard work and a fantastic team around me. FM Conway are a huge part of that team and I’m incredibly grateful and lucky to be taking on my next challenge with them by my side. I’ve always been proud to carry the FM Conway flag and am delighted that I will be continuing to do so.”

“With every step up the ladder you take, the challenge becomes even greater. We have enjoyed the success of the last two years but that is in the past and now we have got to work even harder to get to where we all want to be.”

MB Partners Chief Executive Officer, Mark Blundell, reflects proudly on the success that Kiern and FM Conway have enjoyed together.

“Two years ago we were really excited about the potential of the partnership between FM Conway and Kiern Jewiss. Bringing together one of Kent’s brightest sporting talents with one of its most recognisable companies was an excellent opportunity but the success and results that the relationship has enjoyed has surpassed even our expectations. We look forward to that continuing into Kiern’s next challenge.”

Michael Conway MBE, Chief Executive Officer of FM Conway Ltd, is similarly proud of Kiern’s success to date and hopes that the partnership continues to enjoy prolonged success.

“Kiern is always the first to mention how proud he is to be representing FM Conway but it is important to note how proud we are of Kiern’s success as well. He is fiercely dedicated to his career and his level of ambition is something we all share at FM Conway in our desire to constantly grow and evolve.”